Legendary Roman Battles/Wars

Legendary Roman Battles/Wars

The Romans took part in thousands of battles during their reign as the greatest empire of the time. Here we take a look at some legendary battles involving the Romans some triumphant and some where the Romans actually lost!

Ancient Roman Battles Fought BC: The Punic Wars

There were many great battles fought during the times of Ancient Rome with some battles significant due to their huge numbers of casualties, while others were important strategically or because they changed the way battles were fought. Here we take a look at the Punic Wars that took place BC, in terms of where, when, how they were fought plus what was the outcome.

Ruins of Carthage

The Second Punic War 218 to 201 BC

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Three of the Greatest Roman War Generals

Constantine the Great

There were so many great Roman war generals due to the fact that the Roman Empire lasted for centuries and there were so many wars and battles between the Romans and the peoples they endeavoured to conquer. Here we take a look at some of the more famous Roman Generals who are credited with being the best Roman war leaders.

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How the Roman Army Lived and Worked

  • The Great Ancient Roman Empire relied heavily on its army which was one of the greatest fighting forces of all time. Indeed the Roman Empire would not have existed had it not been in part due to the fact that the Roman Army was a well-trained highly skilled fighting force. Let's take a look at how the Roman Army existed and lived plus explore how or if they had a family life at all.

    Home Life

    When it came to the home life of a Roman soldier there simply wasn't one! Roman soldiers were expected to stay single and they relied heavily on their mother and sisters to keep their spirits up by way of letter writing when they were away fighting. It wasn't until the year 197 AD that the no marriage rule was lifted. Only men were allowed into the army and they had to be a Roman citizen of twenty years of age to join up. Soldiers were expected to stay in the army for twenty five years after which they could retire from active service and receive a pension or alternatively some land that they could settle on and farm.

  • Roman Army

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